2023 Multiply report

In many ways, 2020 was an exceptional year, especially in regard to the massive challenges and changes that have come as a result of the global pandemic. COVID-19 has reminded us all of our vulnerability, and also our shared humanity. In the face of this, we have found hope in God through faith in Jesus Christ.

2023 Mennonite Disaster Service Report

2023 National Assembly MDS Report MDS Canada 2022: “We became friends.” 2022 was a busy year for MDS Canada. After the inactivity of 2020-21, due to the pandemic, we were busy responding to many needs across the country. Through Hay West, farmers in Ontario who had good crops supported farmers in Saskatchewan who were threatened… Continue reading 2023 Mennonite Disaster Service Report

2023 Mennonite Central Committee Report

Benedicte Fadzili Bugogero shows the catchment system that collects rainwater from the roof of his home in DR Congo. The project was implemented by MCC’s Mennonite Brethren church partner to help reduce disease in the community. (MCC photo/Matthew Lester)

2023 National Assembly MCC Report esus promises us living water, a gift without cost, a well springing up into eternal life. What an incredible promise! Over the past year, MCC has held to this verse with hopeful anticipation. We have seen many who are thirsty – thirsty for clean water, for food, for an end… Continue reading 2023 Mennonite Central Committee Report

2023 ETEQ Report

2023 National Assembly ETEQ Report WHY SHOULD YOU CARE ABOUT SUPPORTING A FRENCH-SPEAKING SEMINARY IN MONTREAL? THE ANSWER LIES IN TWO WORDS: MISSION AND LEADERSHIP!   Less than 2% of Quebecers are Evangelical Christians and ETEQ is training the upcoming generation of Mennonite Brethren workers in Quebec. Read the full ETEQ Report

2023 ONMB Report

2023 National Assembly ONMB (Ontario) Report In our brokenness, Jesus shines.   This was our theme as the Ontario Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches gathered for Convention, February 23-24 at Maple View Mennonite Church in Wellesley. We felt this truth deeply throughout 2022-2023. Read the full ONMB report

2023 Mennonite World Conference Report

2023 National Assembly MWC Report The commandment we have from him is this: those who love God must love their brothers and sisters also. (1 John 4:21)   Thank you! ¡Gracias! Merci ! Terima kasih! With your faithful support, we followed Jesus together as brothers and sisters across barriers of all kinds in 2022. You… Continue reading 2023 Mennonite World Conference Report

2023 Canadian Mennonite University Report

2023 National Assembly CMU Report Canadian Mennonite University is an innovative Christian university, rooted in the Anabaptist faith tradition, moved and transformed by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Through teaching, research, and service CMU inspires and equips for lives of service, leadership and reconciliation, in church and society. Read the full CMU report

2023 Historical Commission Report

2023 National Assembly Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission The Historical Commission, through its four archives (Fresno, Abbotsford, Hillsboro, and Winnipeg), continues to offer research and archiving services to MB churches—their institutions and their people.  Read the full Historical Commission Report

2023 CCMBC Legacy report

Legacy provides payroll and accounting services for our churches and conferences, administers the group benefits plan for conference employees and retirees, and administers the CCMBC Pension Plan. The raising of funds and lending activities are facilitated through our subsidiary, CCMBC Investments Ltd. By investing in promissory notes, investors provide the capital necessary for us to extend secured mortgages to our churches, pastors, schools, and camps, enabling them to have a presence in the communities they serve.

2023 MB Seminary report

Imagine if your Church became a regional hub for church-based leadership and theological training in partnership with MB Seminary… How would this impact the local community for God’s Kingdom?