2023 National Assembly

ABMB (Alberta) Report

ABMB is committed to cultivating a community of healthy disciple-making churches and ministries. 

Our churches and ministries are “back at it in full swing”! The opportunities and the challenges are exhilarating and also wearying. The apostle’s prayer in Ephesians 3 seems appropriate for this season: “To him who is able to do more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…” (3:20). 

  • that encourage ministry partnerships and support. Zero (0) pastoral resignations in the last 15 months.
  • 19 Full-member Churches, with additional churches in various stages of joining ABMB.
  • 10 – 18% membership and attendance increase 
  • 3 Congolese congregations are seeking pastoral credentialing (6 pastors) and church membership
  • Overall ABMB weekly attendance in churches is up by 18%


ABMB is Focusing on Four Priorities

  • Fostering Relationships that encourage ministry partnerships and support.
  • Leadership Development of our next generation.
  • Missional Opportunities that give opportunity for churches ministry together.
  • The development of the Four Ministry Teams: Theological Health (Faith & Life) Team, Leadership Team, Mission Team, Organizational Health Team.


Overall, ABMB has been on a pathway of increasing cohesion in our collective mission. We continue in our commitment to our theological positions as articulated in our Confession, and while those conversations are not always easy, they have also proven to increase our unity. We continue to plan toward increased multiplying discipleship, offering access to a discipling coach. There is an apparent awakening in society for spiritual things, to explore the supernatural; we want to be prepared for a harvest that is surely coming!


A Story

RUKINISHA Nkundabatware, age 52, was a member of Goshen Church (Congolese) and a permanent resident of Canada since 2014. He was married and had 7 children. He was stabbed and killed on Sunday night July 9, 2023, at the Belvedere Train Station in Edmonton while coming home after a prayer visit to a family who had recently arrived in Canada. He was looking for work and his wife recently had surgery and is unable to work. 

Goshen Church mobilized the community around them and were able to gather enough funds to cover funeral and burial costs. ABMB churches were also encouraged to provide support, and as a result raised over $20,000 to assist the family moving forward.

This is what God’s family does in a time of loss and tragedy! We come together to pray for each other and support one another in our time of need. We bear each other’s burdens. 


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