2023 National Assembly

National Director Report

Dear friends and ministry partners,

This is my last report as your National Director. I begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude for your trust and confidence in me during the past five years. Numerous challenges and a significant restructuring process have characterized my tenure at CCMBC. As I prepare to step down from this role, I believe it is essential to provide you with an overview of our journey, the accomplishments we have achieved and to inspire you to continue working together for the benefit of those yet to encounter the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

I am aware that some have expressed criticisms and doubts about the value of a National Conference and the impact of CCMBC. Instead of launching new programs or maintaining specific initiatives, we deliberately shifted away from individualized strategies within the National Conference to build a collective, coordinated, and collaborative approach.

I firmly believe that my mission at CCMBC was to restore its health, rebuild trust, and set a collaborative path forward in motion. In this regard, I am confident that, by the grace of God and with the support of many, we have accomplished this mission.


Focus on Health and Healing

Within our National structure, several areas required adjustment or even complete reconstruction. Allow me to highlight a few key areas of our progress:

Financial Health

As outlined in our financial report presented at the Gathering in 2018, our National Conference had depleted its reserves by operating beyond its means. When we restructured “Stewardship Ministries” into the “Legacy Fund,” we discovered a “debt to related party” of $3.5 million on CCMBC’s side of the ledger. This debt resulted from various factors, including overspending, asset devaluation, and operational losses. Over the past five years, CCMBC and Legacy have worked diligently to repay much of this internal debt, leaving only $600,000 on our books. CCMBC has also made strides in living within its means and has achieved small surpluses in four of the last five years. In addition, we have begun to build a cash reserve to secure our financial position in the future.

Organizational Health

In the past five years, we have witnessed a remarkable recovery of all our National Agencies. Legacy, Multiply, and MB Seminary have endured significant challenges, but it is evident that our agencies are now experiencing a season of steady growth and stability.

Structural, Strategic, and Relational Health

The creation of the Collaborative model and the development of the Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan(CUSP) have brought all parts of our organization together to design, build, and operationalize programs and ministries aligned with the mission of the Canadian MB Church. The Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap, guiding us in our direction, while the Collaborative Model facilitates coordination and collaboration.

Theological Health

The reorganization of the Board of Faith and Life into the National Faith and Life Team and the appointment of a full-time National Faith and Life Director staff position has enabled us to proactively and collaboratively create resources to clarify and strengthen our theological framework.

Looking Ahead

I would be remiss if I did not emphasize that our work is far from finished. We are now entering a building phase, where we can align ideas and resources to become a missional movement in Canada through our collective efforts. There is an open invitation for full collaboration in designing, building, and operationalizing missional programs that can rejuvenate our denomination in Canada and increase our involvement in global missions.

Thank You

In conclusion, I am again grateful for your care, prayers, and trust. It has been an incredible honour and privilege to serve among you. I also thank the CCMBC executive board, the National Ministry Team, and the National Faith and Life Team for your patience and support throughout my tenure. Finally, I want to acknowledge and thank the dedicated CCMBC and Legacy staff for your unwavering commitment and hard work. I will miss working alongside every one of you.

As I conclude my service as National Director, I offer my prayers for God’s richest blessings upon all of you.

With sincere gratitude and warm regards,

Elton DaSilva