2023 National Assembly

ICOMB Report

Amidst Ongoing Changes

Over the past year and the current one, we have faced several challenges that have made us reevaluate, rethink, and seek solutions. The pandemic disrupted the regular functioning of our Executive, and we had to operate in an interim mode last year. I also had personal health challenges and took a three-month sabbatical from November to January. As a result, we started this year with delays in organizing our work and preparing for the Summit. During this period, I became increasingly convinced that a new director should take over the leadership of ICOMB in 2024.


Summit 2023

The Summit took place in May and was a significant event. Unfortunately, several delegates from Latin America, Asia, and Africa couldn’t attend due to visa issues, which was quite sad. However, during critical decision-making meetings, we tried to conduct hybrid sessions, blending in-person attendance with virtual participation via Zoom. Despite the absence of many delegates, we managed to engage in meaningful discussions and reach some decisions. We discussed several plans and ideas formulated during the previous year or months, focusing on our priorities, organizational structure, and decision-making processes. Our primary focus was on how to serve our member conferences better, establish more intentional relationships with emerging groups, and increase the funds necessary to support these endeavours. In the weeks following the Summit, we began implementing those decisions. Elton DaSilva was officially confirmed as the new Global Director, starting in January 2024.


ICOMB visits, March-June 2023

In March, I had the privilege of attending the Executive Committee meetings in BC. It was a valuable experience for me as I got the chance to meet many dedicated individuals and gain insights into the numerous opportunities for mutual support and collaboration among our diverse communities. I became aware of the significant presence of the MB population within the MWC constituency. Our voice holds importance in discussions concerning the fundamental values of our Christian faith.

I have had the privilege of attending several Assemblies in recent years, during which I had the opportunity to share about ICOMB. The discussions about the changing role of the church in today’s society and its relation to the government and societal values were insightful and highly appreciated. These reflections are of great importance and relevance in several other countries. The exchange of insights on this matter across continents can be immensely valuable. We invited Luke Etelamaki of Saskatchewan to lead a workshop at our Summit.


I had the opportunity to attend an MB Pastors/Leaders meeting and make church visits in the northwest of the United States. Witnessing their genuine enthusiasm for participating in ICOMB and actively engaging in the Global Family was truly inspiring. 


In June, I attended a Preachers Conference of over 600 participants in Germany, organized by MB Conference, BeF. I shared the ICOMB’s vision and purpose. There was a strong emphasis on preaching the Word with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I also had the privilege of visiting and preaching in various churches. Their commitment to prayer and dedication to being witnesses to their children, connections, and missions beyond Germany was impressive. 


The Canadian “ICOMB Society” (ICOMB-Canada) was founded in 2019 and received charitable status in 2020. The Board is currently composed of Victor Wiens (President), Elton DaSilva (Treasurer), and Denis Federau (Secretary), with Rudi Plett (Global Director) and Bob Davis (ICOMB-USA) serving as Members-At-Large. This year’s notable advances included a Joint Ministry Agreement with ICOMB-USA, a successful fundraiser in Abbotsford for ICOMB scholarships and non-formal training, and a growing collaboration with other MB partners (CCMBC, Multiply, Legacy).


As a global family, we want to remind each other to «… not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.» Hebrews 13:16. We are committed to creating opportunities for this engagement and request your prayers for God’s wisdom and creativity to guide us.


United in Christ, 

Rudi Plett


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