June 10-12, 2021

We wish to invite you to the National Assembly (formerly Gathering) as either a church delegate, member organization delegate or guest.

Registration is required to receive a link for this event.

Welcome, 2021 Delegates and Guests!

Normally we would greet you with a smile, handshake, and a warm welcome to a particular church.  But this is not yet normal, so we welcome you with a smile and a friendly virtual welcome!!


While we miss the getting-together part, this virtual setting makes it possible for more people to join us from across our six time zones. With the learnings from two years of “virtual conventions,” our staff has developed a pretty good set of procedures to do our AGM work.



Event information

Schedule (PDT):

Thursday, June 10, 5-7 pm – Breakout sessions.
Friday, June 11, 5 pm – Public celebration of worship. Zoom (with registration) and Facebook Live.
Saturday, June 12, 8 am – General meeting

Decision points

Partner Reports

What is a delegate?

CCMBC is asking churches to register their delegate groups. Find out how one qualifies as a National Assembly delegate, what the registration process looks like, and what information you will need to proceed by visiting our "What is a delegate?" information page.

Online Meeting Policies & Procedures

  1. We strive for unity and respect, involving the participation of all assembled, as we deliberate decisions that shape the future of our conference.
  2. During an open question period, you may indicate that you would like to speak by clicking on the “Raise Hand” function in Zoom. Please use the following protocol:
    • Wait for acknowledgement by the moderator and for your microphone to be turned on.
    • State your name, church, and community you come from.
    • Address the moderator. Delegates may not dialogue with each other during the question period.
  3. Keep remarks to the point. Avoid repeating statements already made by another delegate.
  4. Take care to confine remarks to the motion or resolution under discussion.
  5. A delegate may speak to an issue more than once unless there are other delegates who wish to address an issue. A delegate should not ask for the floor more than 3 times on one issue. The mover of a motion may answer questions to a motion as often as they are raised.
  6. Individuals other than delegates may be permitted to speak, subject to the decision of the moderator. The assembled delegates may, by a simple majority vote, override the decision of the chair.
  7. Only delegates are permitted to vote.
  8. For online delegates, the “Digital Voting Policy for Conventions of the Conference” will be followed. Additional instructions may be provided by the Moderator regarding any other meeting procedures required by online delegates.
  9. In general, Robert’s Rules of Order will be followed.

During open Q & A periods of our meeting, you may ask your questions live by clicking on the “Raise Hand” Zoom function at the bottom of your screen. We will notify you when it is your turn to speak and enable your microphone.


Before asking your question, please review the Rules of Order for an Online Gathering.

Chat communication will only be open for the purpose of posting motions and communicating any announcements. 

Digital Voting Policy for Conventions of the Conference

A Digitally Registered Delegate is entitled to participate online and vote using the digital communications technology selected by the staff of the Conference who are responsible for hosting the Convention. This technology will be provided at no cost to each registered delegate.


Registration Procedure

To be enrolled and participate as a Digitally Registered Delegate, the following procedure will be used:

  1. For each church delegate who is attending online, their name and a unique email address must be provided.
  2. Each delegate must have their own digital device such as a computer or smartphone that is capable of running the communications software being used by the Conference. For reasons of authentication and vote tabulation, multiple delegates cannot share a single device.
  3. At least 24 hours prior to the start of the Convention, each Digitally Registered Delegate will receive an email with a password and instructions on how to attend the Convention online. Delegates will have time to load and test any software before the start of the Convention.
  4. Each delegate will receive a unique identifier (Registration Order Number) that must be used when logging into the online convention so that their identity can be validated. Anyone who does not have an identifier will be disconnected from the online service.


Voting Procedure

When a call for a vote is made by the Moderator, each Digitally Registered Delegate will indicate their vote using a voting or polling feature provided by the online software. The members of the Ballot Team will be responsible for tallying the result of the votes from all delegates.


Call for a Ballot

If a vote by ballot is required, the Moderator will indicate how responses from the Digitally Registered Delegates will be received by using a voting or polling feature provided by the online software.


Motion Discussion Procedure

Prior to voting on a motion, the Moderator may open the floor for questions. The Moderator will be responsible for managing questions from all delegates in person as well as Digitally Registered Delegates. The same rules of order for the Convention, as set by the Conference, will apply to all delegates. The following guidelines apply to Digitally Registered Delegates:

  1. All microphones of online participants will be muted (It may be required that all video be turned off except for the speakers).
  2. A Digitally Registered Delegate may use appropriate features of the software as designated by the Moderator to signal their desire to speak to the motion on the floor.
  3. The Moderator will identify the delegate to speak next and the microphone will be unmuted.
  4. The Moderator may also ask that the delegate use video, if available when speaking.

Note: Equipment will be put in place at the Convention location for any in-person delegates to speak to the motion so that they can be seen by all online delegates.


Scrutinizing Voting Results

There can be times when technology fails. The Ballot Team will be given the discretion to request that a vote be retaken if they feel that a significant portion of the delegates was somehow prohibited from participating in the vote and would have impacted the results of the vote.

In order for the Ballot Team to evaluate if a vote was impaired, it may be necessary for each Digitally Registered Delegate to indicate a YES, NO, or ABSTAIN response to a vote so that the online results can be validated. For instance, if only 45% of the delegates vote YES and 30% vote NO, it is important to confirm that the remaining 25% abstained as it could change the outcome of the vote.

Note: Members of the Ballot Team will be at the Convention site as well as online to confirm all results.


Restarting the Online Session

In the event that there is a failure in the online technology, the Moderator may discern the need to postpone the meeting temporarily until communication issues are resolved. Email will be used to communicate to all Digitally Registered Delegates. Rules for quorum will still apply once the online meeting is restarted. 


  • As a delegate, you have been assigned a unique identifier that confirms your eligibility to vote. The 10-digit order number you received in your confirmation email from Eventbrite is your unique identifier.
  • You will need to use this number multiple times, so we ask that you please keep it accessible for the entire duration of the AGM.
  • Each delegate will need to log in using their own device. The sharing of devices is prohibited and will hinder your ability to vote.


Speaking to a Motion

Similar to what occurs in an in-person meeting, we will be following Roberts Rules of Order. Any delegate wishing to comment on a motion on the floor will need to indicate so by using ZOOM’s ‘raise hand’ function.

1. Click on the icon labelled “Participants” at the bottom center of your screen.

2. At the bottom of the window that opens, click the button labelled “Raise Hand.”

3. Your digital hand is now raised. This puts you in a queue, which will signal the moderator that you want to speak. Please wait for the moderator to call on your name before you start talking.

4. Unmute your microphone and state your name and church community before asking your question or making your comment.

5. Once you are finished, lower your hand by clicking the button, “Lower Hand.”

The same method can be used to raise your hand on a mobile device. Tap “Raise Hand” at the bottom left corner of the screen. The hand icon will turn blue, and the text below it will switch to say “Lower Hand” while your hand is raised.


Seconding a Motion

When a motion is made on the floor, the moderator will call for the motion to be seconded. Any delegate wanting to second the motion should use the ‘Raise Hand’ function as mentioned above. The moderator will then acknowledge the first hand that goes up. Once the motion has been seconded, those with their hand raised should lower them.


Submitting Votes

All voting on motions will proceed through a program called QuestionPro, which will be hosted on the CCMBC website. This software does not need to be downloaded.

1. The production team will send a link for each motion through the ZOOM chat.

2. You will be instructed to click on the link at the appropriate time, which will open a new window in your internet browser.

3. Enter and submit your 10-digit unique identifier, which will enable you to vote.

4. Once you have selected one of the three options (yes, no, or abstain) click on the button “SUBMIT VOTE”

5. The Ballot Team will see the results for each motion in real-time. Once the passing threshold has been reached, ballot counters will report the results to the Moderator. The Ballot Team will monitor the number of submitted votes so that we can determine how long to wait before moving on to the next motion and when we can declare a motion’s result.

6. This process will be repeated for each motion on the floor.


HELP! I’m experiencing trouble with voting!

The Ballot Team will be able to identify if there are individuals who did not vote due to choice, or due to technical difficulties based on the ‘abstain’ option provided on each ballot. In a scenario where too many delegates are experiencing technical issues, the Ballot Team will notify the Moderator, and further instructions will be emailed out to you. If your internet connection cuts out or the ZOOM call is dropped, you will be able to submit your vote directly with the Ballot Team using the live chat support feature on the far-right side of the voting page. The Ballot Team will request your 10-digit unique identifier before you indicate your vote.

At the time of the event, you can connect directly with our tech team via live chat on our home page.

If technical difficulties arise that cause our meeting to end unexpectedly, we will be in touch with all of our attendees via email as soon as possible to advise on what steps will be taken to re-launch the meeting.

Article 8, MB Confession of Faith

In 2015, the Board of Faith Life (now called the National Faith and Life Team, or NFLT) surveyed MB leaders across Canada to determine their support for, and concerns about, the MB Confession Faith. In 2018, based on responses to that survey, the Board began a process of revising Article 8 “Christian Baptism.” The process included feedback and discussion across the country through provincial conference conventions, a national summit, regional clusters of pastors, online comments, and more. The revision has been met with widespread affirmation; and the NFLT believes the revised Article is ready for inclusion in the Confession of Faith.


A significant development in 2020 was the crafting of the Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan, or CUSP. This document gathers all parts of the MB family under one strategic focus including priority areas, desired outcome, CUSP family values and a proposed updated mission focus for the MB Church of Canada.

Updated Bylaws

New bylaws introduced essential elements for the functioning of the Collaborative Model. The bylaws also recognized an additional class of members, that form the form the National Council and strategic planning body we call the National Ministry Team (NMT).

Frequently Asked Questions

The National Assembly is made up of Member Organizations (Executive Board, National Faith & Life Team, National Ministry Team, provincial boards, and agency boards – Multiply and MB Seminary), and church delegates representing Member Churches.


Guests representing Anabaptist organizations and schools such as ICOMB, MCC, MDS, Mennonite World Conference, Columbia Bible College, Canadian Mennonite University, Steinbach Bible College, ETEQ, etc. are welcome to attend.

Guests can register for the National Assembly here: http://na.mennonitebrethren.ca


Church delegates will be registered by the church’s administration using the group registration option found here: http://na.mennonitebrethren.ca  

If you are unsure if you are a delegate or if you are interested in being a delegate representing your church, please connect with your pastoral or administrative staff.

Each church delegate will need to provide their church staff with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Church role (Pastor, moderator, board member, lay leader, etc.)
  • Delegate’s attendance (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or all 3 days)
  • If attending the Thursday breakout sessions, delegates need to select two session choices
    • Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan
    • Bylaws
    • Confession of Faith – Article 8 and Credentialing
    • Finances

Member organizations and boards will be registered by their moderators using the group registration option found here: http://na.mennonitebrethren.ca


Each member organization delegate will need to provide their moderator/lead staff member with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Church role (Pastor, moderator, board member, lay leader, etc.)
  • Delegate’s attendance (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or all 3 days)
  • If attending the Thursday breakout sessions, delegates need to select two session choices
    • Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan
    • Bylaws
    • Confession of Faith – Article 8 and Credentialing
    • Finances

Each delegate representing a Member Church must be:

  • Over the age of 18
  • A member in good standing within the church
  • Approved by the church membership or governing body of the church

Each Member Organization in good standing shall be entitled to be represented at the National
Assembly by delegates with a maximum of twelve delegates. Each delegate representing a Member Organization must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A member in good standing of a Member Church.
  • Executive Board members have a vote at the National Council by virtue of their position as Executive Board members. National Ministry Team members have a vote at the National Council by virtue of their position as National Ministry Team members. National Faith and Life Team members have a vote at the National Council by virtue of their positions as National Faith and Life Team members.
    If a person holds positions on multiple boards or teams, they have only one vote at a National Assembly and National Council.

    View “What is a delegate”  Resource (PDF)

Voting will take place using an online platform. Specific voting information will be emailed to all delegates prior to the National Assembly. Please watch your email for this information approximately one week prior to the National Assembly.

Workshop sessions are open to all guests and delegates registered for the National Assembly. Each attendee will be able to choose two breakout sessions to attend on Thursday, June 10. Your two selections are made during the registration process. The breakout sessions available to choose from are:

  • Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan
  • Bylaws
  • Confession of Faith – Article 8 and Credentialing
  • Finances