2021 National Assembly

What is a delegate?

Each year, the MB Church of Canada gathers together either in-person or virtually for inspiration, reporting, direction-setting, and decision-making. Known as the National Assembly, this gathering is made up of Member Organizations (Executive Board, National Faith & Life Team, National Ministry Team, provincial boards, and agency boards – Multiply and MB Seminary), and church delegates who represent Member Churches. Member Churches are entitled to be represented at any National Assembly by delegates.

Who can be a church delegate?

Each delegate representing a Member Church must be:
  • Over the age of 18
  • A member in good standing within the church
  • Approved by the church membership or governing body of the church

Each member church is entitled to 1 delegate for every 25 members. In addition, you may have only one pastor delegate per church.

What is a delegate's role?

  • To elect members of the Executive Board, the National Faith & Life Team, Legacy, and the Nominating Committee.
  • To receive reports from the Executive Board, the National Faith & Life Team, the National Ministry Team, Member Organizations (provinces, MB Seminary, Legacy, and Multiply), the Nominating Committee, and the external Auditor.
  • To hold the reporting boards and committees accountable for their actions
  • To vote on policy, direction, and amendments to governing documents.

The registration process

Church leadership encourages members of their congregation to consider attending the National Assembly.

Church staff registers all delegates from their church using the group registration option found here. Each church will need to create a group for their church using the name of their church

CCMBC administration sends out individual delegate information cards and Zoom link to each delegate registered.

Important Registration Details

To ensure that those registering as delegates have been approved and designated by their Member Church, those Member Churches will register their own delegates no later than June 10, 2021. An individual delegate is not able to register themselves.

Please collect the following information prior to registering delegates online:

  • Delegate’s name
  • Delegate’s email address
  • Church role (Pastor, Moderator, Board Member, Lay Leader, etc.)
  • Delegate’s attendance (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or all three days)
  • If attending the Thursday breakout session, collect  the delegate’s two breakout session choices:
    • Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan (CUSP)
    • Bylaws
    • Confession of Faith – Article 8 and Credentialing
    • Finances


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