2021 Provincial and extended-family reports

2021 National Assembly Provincial Reports BCMB British Columbia of MB Churches (PDF) ABMB Alberta Conference of MB Churches (PDF) SKMB Saskatchewan Conference of MB Churches (PDF) MBCM Manitoba Conference of MB Churches (PDF) ONMB Ontario Conference of MB Churches (PDF) AEFMQ Quebec Conference of MB Churches (PDF) Atlantic Atlantic Conference of MB Churches (PDF) Extended… Continue reading 2021 Provincial and extended-family reports

Historical Commission

2021 National Assembly Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission The Historical Commission — through its four archives (Fresno, Abbotsford, Hillsboro, and Winnipeg) — continues to offer research and archiving services to MB churches — their institutions and their people.   One of my roles is keeper of the Winnipeg archives (Centre for MB Studies) where I adapted… Continue reading Historical Commission

(2021) The CUSP

2021 National Assembly The Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan (CUSP) Introduction A well-discerned strategic plan serves as a road map that facilitates the accomplishment of the organizational mission, vision, priorities, and values. Through a strategic plan, organizations reaffirm their reason for existing and keep within the framework of their mission. Our plan will be known as… Continue reading (2021) The CUSP

(2021) Article 8, MB Confession of Faith

2021 National Assembly Notice of Motion Article 8, MB Confession Of Faith​ Preamble In 2015, the Board of Faith Life (now called the National Faith and Life Team, or NFLT) surveyed MB leaders across Canada to determine their support for, and concerns about, the MB Confession Faith. In 2018, based on responses to that survey,… Continue reading (2021) Article 8, MB Confession of Faith