2021 NFLT Report

The National Faith and Life Team exists to articulate and safeguard Mennonite Brethren
theological convictions, produce theological and pastoral resources, and provide discernment and
guidance on current issues. We continue to serve the MB churches of Canada in the area of
strengthening the Canadian MB identity and community.

2021 Moderator’s Report

2021 National Assembly 2021 Moderator’s Report Along with God’s people around the globe, our churches and agencies have grappled with COVID’s challenges to health, life, and work. While the toll has been significant, we have survived the year! Thanks to all for your creativity and perseverance! Annual General Meetings are about reporting the state of… Continue reading 2021 Moderator’s Report

2021 CCMBC Financial Report

View CCMBC Financial Reports.

2021 Legacy Report

We celebrate the completion of our first full year of operations since the reorganization of MB Stewardship Ministries into our new organizational structure. This journey was not easy, yet it was necessary, and God was gracious. It is humbling to consider the Lord’s blessing, the support of our investors, and the commitment of staff and board members enabling us to serve our constituency.

2021 National Director’s Report

2021 National Assembly 2021 National Director Report Although not officially stipulated as a mandate, I felt CCMBC had five significant “big rocks” to tackle, both administratively and strategically. Big Rock 1 – To right-size CCMBC financially to fit according to the income received from our churches. Moving CCMBC out of dependency on a supplemental income… Continue reading 2021 National Director’s Report

2021 MB Seminary report

One of the most amazing ministry leadership passages in the New Testament is tucked away at the end of Acts 18. Apollos, a gifted and powerful teacher and preacher, was demonstrably effective in mission and ministry. Yet something was missing…

2021 Multiply report

In many ways, 2020 was an exceptional year, especially in regard to the massive challenges and changes that have come as a result of the global pandemic. COVID-19 has reminded us all of our vulnerability, and also our shared humanity. In the face of this, we have found hope in God through faith in Jesus Christ.

2021 Provincial and extended-family reports

2021 National Assembly Provincial Reports BCMB British Columbia of MB Churches (PDF) ABMB Alberta Conference of MB Churches (PDF) SKMB Saskatchewan Conference of MB Churches (PDF) MBCM Manitoba Conference of MB Churches (PDF) ONMB Ontario Conference of MB Churches (PDF) AEFMQ Quebec Conference of MB Churches (PDF) Atlantic Atlantic Conference of MB Churches (PDF) Extended… Continue reading 2021 Provincial and extended-family reports

Historical Commission

2021 National Assembly Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission The Historical Commission — through its four archives (Fresno, Abbotsford, Hillsboro, and Winnipeg) — continues to offer research and archiving services to MB churches — their institutions and their people.   One of my roles is keeper of the Winnipeg archives (Centre for MB Studies) where I adapted… Continue reading Historical Commission