(2021) Nominees

2021 National Assembly Executive Board Appointments Philip Gunther Rev. Philip A. Gunther is the Director of Ministry for the Saskatchewan MB conference. He has served in pastoral ministry for 25 years prior to this role and has held numerous national and provincial Conference roles. Gunther is a graduate of the Canadian Theological Seminary. He presently… Continue reading (2021) Nominees

2021 Updated Bylaws

2021 National Assembly Notice of Motion Updated Bylaws Notice of Motion It is moved that the CCMBC General Operating Bylaws be approved as presented. Introduction of Proposed Amended General Operating Bylaw November 4, 2020   One of the key elements to round out the Collaborative Model of functioning as a Canadian MB Conference is it… Continue reading 2021 Updated Bylaws

(2021) The CUSP

2021 National Assembly The Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan (CUSP) Introduction A well-discerned strategic plan serves as a road map that facilitates the accomplishment of the organizational mission, vision, priorities, and values. Through a strategic plan, organizations reaffirm their reason for existing and keep within the framework of their mission. Our plan will be known as… Continue reading (2021) The CUSP

(2021) Article 8, MB Confession of Faith

2021 National Assembly Notice of Motion Article 8, MB Confession Of Faith​ Preamble In 2015, the Board of Faith Life (now called the National Faith and Life Team, or NFLT) surveyed MB leaders across Canada to determine their support for, and concerns about, the MB Confession Faith. In 2018, based on responses to that survey,… Continue reading (2021) Article 8, MB Confession of Faith