2022 National Assembly


2022 CCMBC Legacy report

Legacy provides payroll and accounting services for our churches and conferences, administers the group benefits plan for conference employees and retirees, and administers the CCMBC Pension Plan. The raising of funds and lending activities are facilitated through our subsidiary, CCMBC Investments Ltd. By investing in promissory notes, investors provide the capital necessary for us to extend secured mortgages to our churches, pastors, schools, and camps, enabling them to have a presence in the communities they serve.


Amidst our shared struggle of navigating through COVID-19, the Lord continued to bless our relationships and finances. This is encouraging as we remain focused on better serving our constituents, enhancing stakeholder engagement, and glorifying God. During 2021 we were blessed with a healthy bottom line, which is reassuring, and we remain on track with the financial plan described in “Our Plan Forward: Emerging from Telling Our Financial Story”.

Supporting Documents:

Legacy by the numbers...

Group Insurance Participants
Pension Plan Participants
Investor Accounts
$158 million
Invested in Promissory Notes
Church and Pastor Mortgages
$76 million
Total Mortgages
Churches Using Payroll Services
Organizations Using Accounting Services


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