2022 National Assembly

SBC Report

“I felt accepted and knew that I belonged here. Care Groups were an incredible opportunity to be a part of the student life at SBC and the practical application encouraged throughout my classes was transformational. Over the years I have learned so much about God and who I am in Christ. I have learned to slow down, be still and simply sit in the presence of the Lord, which I did not realize I needed at the time. I was pushed out of my comfort zone as I was empowered to lead. During my time Scripture came alive and the more I studied the more I started living the scripture each day. There have been many joys and challenges throughout my experience that have become a wonderful part in shaping the person I have become today!” – Grace Wieler (3rd Year, BA Christian Studies)


The good years under President Rob

The last 6 years have yielded a very consistent student enrollment. Averaging the equivalent of 123.5 full-time students based on credits sold. In the last three years, during the Global Pandemic, our average equivalent is only down mildly, and the greatest impact is seen in our online student numbers as young people seem to be tiring and running away from being on a screen in class all day.


The community, however, continues to be filled with compassion and kindness towards varying viewpoints and stances within current relevant issues. A safe place to ask question and develop answers within an evangelical Anabaptist environment. An environment that has developed, in part, because of the leadership of President Rob who has led SBC through some great years. His commitment to the vision and purpose of SBC has been rich and the effects continue to be felt. Yet, for President Rob, his time at SBC will be coming to a close in lieu of a pastorate opportunity at a local church. It is our pleasure to wish President Rob all the best as he moves his gifts to serve in another area where his heart has been led. Join us in saying the “thank you” to him for his years of service.


The good years to come

That leads us into the next opportunity to help us fill the vacancy of our Presidential position. If you are looking for a relevant role in raising up the next generation of church leaders or know someone who could be a great fit. You can connect with us by heading over to our website here President Position Opportunity | Steinbach Bible College (sbcollege.ca). Dr. Terry Hiebert has graciously been accepted to fill a 1-year interim role as we continue to look for the right person to fill the position. With Terry at the helm we look forward to continuing to set the standard of Biblical Christian Education. Our focus remains steadfast to empower servant leaders to follow Jesus, serve the church and engage the world.


Did you know that 72% of our students indicate that someone they care about suggested that they come to Steinbach Bible College? Simply put, our voices are often more relevant than we think in our young people’s lives. They are hungry for authenticity and a safe place to belong. They need empowerment and to be championed in their faith. As SBC stays true to our calling, we hope that you can see the essential need in helping our young people belong to Christ. Too many of them enter the world without the foundation and leave the church.


Through the Province of Manitoba’s degree granting act, Steinbach Bible College is authorized to grant degrees. Steinbach Bible College is a fully accredited college with the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).


Thank you for supporting your students as they pursue a Solid Biblical Foundation in SBC’s Christ Centered Community.


Steinbach Bible College is an evangelical Anabaptist college empowering servant leaders to follow Jesus, serve the church, and engage the world.


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