2022 National Assembly

CBC Report

Columbia Bible College seeks to equip people for a life of discipleship, ministry, and leadership in service to the church and community.



We are excited to announce new program elements within the Applied Leadership degree. Built upon a strong biblical foundation, the Applied Leadership program focuses on equipping young men and women to make an impact in the world. The additions to this program will provide a degree option for those interested in pursuing leadership-based learning within specific concentrations. These concentrations include options of Social Entrepreneurship, Leader Development, or Intercultural Engagement.


This revised degree offers a unique combination of courses that give students excellent Christian leadership training that is paired with practical business, management and intercultural skills.


“The Applied Leadership degree prepares you to engage your calling and passions. The focus of these concentrations is to grow you as a person – growing in self-awareness, character development, and relational ability.” Program Co-Director, Matt Kaminski  



  • 194 Residents
  • 149 Commuters
  • 17 Offsite






BE KNOWN. Columbia is a community that welcomes in those trying to figure out their place in the world. Many young adults are wrestling with questions of identity, belonging and purpose. We want every student to come to know who they are in Christ Jesus. We want every student to experience a place where they are seen and where they know they belong.


MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Everyone wants their life to count. For that to happen, they need to develop the relational and leadership skills that will prepare them for whatever God has for them. Most importantly, they need to have a Christ-centered, biblical foundation from which to launch into the future.



With the BC floods of November 2021, families, homes and businesses were left with the overwhelming task for cleaning up the mud and mess that was left behind. In late February, nine CBC students and staff drove up to Princeton, BC, to assist in the restoration process. They were able to connect and encourage families who have been deeply impacted by the floods. Joah, a first-year General Studies student shared this about her experience in Princeton, “The heaviness of Princeton was very evident in everyone we met, but I also experienced this excitement to be able to show God’s love and character in such a physical way to people who desperately need it. A few days after we returned I received an email from one of the ladies our team helped. I had never met her, but she expressed so much gratitude. This whole experience has been eye-opening to me. Not just about what the extent of flooding can look like, but also how God can work through a random group of people and change lives.” We are so grateful for the generous spirit of our students and staff in such difficult times. 


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