2022 National Assembly


2022 MB Seminary report

Imagine if your Church became a regional hub for church-based leadership and theological training in partnership with MB Seminary… How would this impact the local community for God’s Kingdom?


Imagine if your Church were to host teaching weekends with MB Seminary faculty throughout the year integrating ministry and application together in the local church and community context… How much more quickly would your leaders grow?


Imagine if your people were trained in interpreting scripture, Christian leadership practices, missional discipleship, conflict resolution, pastoral care, and more… How would this help them to love and serve Jesus more?


Imagine if training and equipping were available to everyone in your church, whether for academic credit, professional development, or personal interest… How would this increase the church’s capacity to serve?


Imagine no further; the reality is here. As CCMBC’s national seminary, MB Seminary serves MB Churches across the country. To meet the growing need for pastors and leaders, MB Seminary has launched a new and innovative program for training and equipping leaders for the MB Churches of Canada. Through our Teaching Church Initiative, Teaching Churches partner with the Seminary and serve as learning hubs for seminary-level graduate courses and continuing education training. Each church focuses on a specific four-course certificate specifically designed for delivery in the Teaching Church environment. To date, two certificates have been developed, and a third is being planned. Each certificate is being provided on a rotating cycle, with the vision that they may ultimately be combined into a Master of Arts degree.


In 2021, two Teaching Church partnerships were launched and have proven helpful for training leaders within the local church context. This fall, as we continue with institutional partnerships in BC (ACTS) and Manitoba (CMU), two more Teaching Church partnerships will come on board in BC and Alberta. We are excited about the trajectory of theological training and leadership development! 


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