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ETEQ Report

ETEQ Equips the Whole Body of Christ to Serve

ETEQ, in its different names and forms (IBL, ETEM, ETEQ) has served an impressive generation of workers who have been very involved in ministry. We have served and equipped lay people who are involved in their local AEFMQ church ministries as well as pastors, conference ministers and moderators. Our student body is distributed across our programs as follows: 16are enrolled in our Microprograms, 36 in our Certificates, 42 in our Bachelor’s program, 30 in our Master’s degree and one enrolled in our PhD degree. Our current AEFMQ students areparticipating in the church life of L’Intersection, Saint-Laurent, Sainte-Thérèse and Sainte-Rose churches. While we have experienced an increase in enrollment during the first year of the pandemic we have reached a plateau during the second year. Like many other institutions across Canada ETEQ had to adjust to the pandemic context and offer hybrid classes. 


ETEQ Equips the Whole Body of Christ to Serve Through our Programs

Our Microprograms (9, 12 & 18 credits) are suited for lay leaders, small group leaders and deacons. Our Certificate degree (30 credits) is suited for elders, worship leaders and small group leaders. Our Bachelor’s degree (90 credits) is suited for senior pastors, children pastors, youth pastors, assistant pastors, and missionaries. Our Master’s degree (45 credits) &Doctorate degree (90 credits) are suited for pastors, professors, theologians, lecturers, authors, and missionaries. Tuition is particularly affordable for students in Quebec and is proportional to the number of credits students take. A course costs $440 (the equivalent of 28$ per week per semester). Completing an ETEQ program in partnership with Université Laval costs Quebecstudents in total: Microprograms $1,760, Certificate $4,400, Bachelor $13,200, Master $7,600,Doctorate $15,200. We now offer more opportunities to our AEFMQ church members to take ETEQ courses without academic requirements or university prerequisites: auditing course costs $223 per course (the equivalent of 14$ per week per semester). We invite those who speak French or who want to improve their French language skills across Canada to experience a class at ETEQ. The additional fees charged by Université Laval for students outside of Quebec remain very competitive while the auditing fee at ETEQ remains the same for everyone. 


ETEQ Equips the Whole Body of Christ to Serve Through its Faculty

David Miller and Richard Lougheed are our Mennonite Brethren faculty members and influence our ETEQ students by disseminating Anabaptist values in their teaching. We have been working hard and continue to do so to increase the presence of AEFMQ professors inETEQ. As opposed to other schools of theology in Quebec, ETEQ’s faculty is strongly rooted in both academia and pastoral ministry. At the moment fourteen of ETEQ’s professors have aPh.D., three are Ph.D. candidates, two have a Doctorate degree in practical theology (D.Min)and two have a Master’s degree. All of ETEQ’s professors have earned the title of associate professor from Laval University.


Many People to Thank

ETEQ has three main sources of income. The first third (36%) of its income comes from ETEQ’sfounding church families: 16% from the Alliance (14% Alliance Canada, 2% St-LawrenceDistrict) and 20% from the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. The second third (33%) comes from our private donors in Quebec and other Canadian provinces. The last third (29%) comes from tuition fees. While this income ratio is balanced it remains fragile: recovering any decrease in donation increases pressure on the other two sources of income.


In conclusion, we invite you to invest and continue to support the work, the mission, the vision of École de Théologie Évangélique du Québec of growing healthy churches and equipping many workers to serve in the specific cultural context of Quebec and the Francophonie.

– Jean-Christophe Bieselaar, Ph. D., President.


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