2021 National Assembly

Welcome to National Assembly 2021!

Welcome, 2021 Delegates and Guests!


Normally we would greet you with a smile,  handshake, and a warm welcome to a particular church.  But this is not yet normal, so we welcome you with a smile and a friendly virtual welcome!!


While we miss the getting-together part, this virtual setting makes it possible for more people to join us from across our six time zones. With the learnings from two years of “virtual conventions,” our staff has developed a pretty good set of procedures to do our AGM work.


National Assembly is an annual opportunity for us, as a family of churches, to gather together. It is an opportunity for us to build relationships, learn how we are progressing toward our goals, hold our leaders and teams accountable, and affirm our leaders going forward.

This year we have three sessions to work at these goals:


Thursday evening – Breakout Sessions.

This is an opportunity to get more detailed information and have questions answered around four key topics: the new bylaws, the new Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan (CUSP), the revision to the Confession of Faith Article 8: Christian Baptism, and our finances. These are 45-minute interactive sessions, and we will repeat each session twice. Registered participants can sign up for two topics.


Friday evening – Worship, Sharing, and Celebration.


Saturday –  Business Session

Time to review formal reports, discuss and decide on recommendations, and elect representatives and leaders.

Last year, our members affirmed the Collaborative Model in principle, assigning the work of detailing needed bylaws, developing a strategic plan, and shaping a budget. One of the keys to the Collaborative Model was, and is, an opportunity for wide engagement in shaping and then in deciding our important matters. Last year the idea was that provincial conventions would process all decisions before coming to the National Assembly. After consultation and legal counsel, it became both more practical and in line with our charter to continue holding our Annual General Meetings. The new element is that we have added delegates from our partner organization boards alongside church delegates. See the Bylaws for further information on this.


The website is designed to offer several levels of information for you, from introductions and overviews to more detailed documents and information. The Notice of Motions outlines the complete list of decision items. The website has sections for the major decision points, including an introductory document, followed by more extensive information and some frequently asked questions. If you have questions as you read through the various documents, please feel free to contact us at FAQ@mbchurches.ca so that we may answer your questions in advance.


We have a lot to work through in a seemingly short time period. There will be an opportunity for discussion and discernment, but we encourage you to take advantage of the Thursday workshops or contact us in advance to avoid having to clarify too much basic information on Saturday.


As have many churches and organizations, we have had to reduce staffing throughout the past year. Our staff and team members have shouldered additional roles and responsibilities. Our boards and teams consist of people who voluntarily help with planning, doing, and problem-solving. Without the extra effort from them, we would not be able to accomplish all of our goals. Thank you to staff, board members, and our many committees and team members!


We hope the website has provided the information you need; if you find something missing, please contact us at FAQ@mbchurches.ca to address it.


This is a historic National Assembly. We look forward to the expanded delegate assembly and our work as we seek consensus together and with the Holy Spirit as in Acts 15.


Welcome to National Assembly 2021!

Ron Penner



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