2022 National Assembly

CMU Report

Greeting to the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches


Here’s a glimpse into 2022/23 CMU courses:


Disruptive Good News—The Church in Acts | Sheila Klassen-Wiebe | Through the lens of the book of Acts, this course will examine how the Good News of Jesus disrupts people’s lives, social conventions, religious beliefs, and systems of power.


From Creation to New Creation: The Biblical Story of Healing and Hope | Dan Epp-Thiessen | This course will examine various texts from the Hebrew prophets, Daniel, the Gospels, the letters of Paul, and the book of Revelation to discern their vision of God’s good future.


Ethical Living in a Technological Society | Ruth Rempel | This course will examine the implications of living in a technological society for our understandings of self, society, and Christian faith.


Christianity and the Mass Media | David Balzer | Students will investigate the relationship between Christian faith and the mass media, exploring two key questions: how do the faith convictions of the producer, host, or interviewer shape creative mass media production and how has mainstream media reported and portrayed Christian faith?


Cells and Energy | John Brubacher | Through course and lab work students will focus on the structure and work of cells as the fundamental units of life. Topics include membranes, the structure and function of organelles including the cytoskeleton, the cell cycle, enzymes, and the central metabolic pathways common to most living organisms.


Christianity and the Marketplace | Craig Martin | Through case studies of common business dilemmas students will begin to develop the wisdom to address these dilemmas in ways that account for both faith and business considerations.


Thank you for partnering with CMU to provide seminary studies through the Graduate School of Theology and Ministry (GSTM).


“The GSTM program through CMU, in conjunction with MB Seminary, has provided me biblical knowledge and theology useful for everyday spiritual life and ministry. The most noticeable benefit is that my education is like a “toolbox” of information that I can carry around with me. I often get a chance to engage strangers in gospel conversations and having biblical knowledge and understanding in my mind ready to use allows me to address difficult conversations and topics as they come up.”
– Justin Dueck, Living Word Temple


“During my entire tenure in pastoral ministry I have been slowly working on my MA in Christian Ministry in the GSTM program. I am so grateful to do these two things simultaneously, as it has afforded me incredible resourcing and education in real time with my experience in ministry. This has made both my ministry and my studies richer, as each has built off the other to help me grow in faith and mission.” – Janessa Giesbrecht, Fort Garry Mennonite Brethren


CMU Mission

Canadian Mennonite University is an innovative Christian university, rooted in the Anabaptist faith tradition, moved and transformed by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Through teaching, research, and service CMU inspires and equips women and men for lives of service, leadership, and reconciliation in church and society.


2021-22 Enrolment

592 FTE Main Shaftesbury campus (full-time equivalent) for Undergraduate and Graduate

  • 673 Total students
  • 616 Undergraduate
  • 56 Graduate

264 FTE Menno Simons College (CMU programming in Conflict Resolution and International Development at UW)

856 Total CMU FTE


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