2023 National Assembly

October 2023 Decision Points

Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023

Location: Northview Community Church (32040 Downes Road, Abbotsford, BC)

Time: 8:30am – 12:30pm PDT

Summary of Motions

  1. Consent Motion to appoint a parliamentarian and minute review committee
  2. Consent Motion to approve the October 28, 2023, National Assembly agenda and the June 08, 2023, AGM minutes as presented
  3. Motion to approve the CCMBC 2024 Budget as presented
  4. Consent Motion to adjourn

1. Consent Motion – Parliamentarians, Ballot Team, and Minute Review Committee

It is moved that the parliamentarian and minute review committee be approved as presented.

2. Consent Motion – Approval of Agenda and 2023 AGM Minutes

It is moved that the agenda for the October 28, 2023, National Assembly and the June 8, 2023, AGM  minutes be approved as presented.

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3. Motion – CCMBC Budget

Motion to approve the CCMBC 2024 Budget as presented

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4. Consent Motion – Adjournment
It is moved the Annual General Meeting be adjourned.

*Explanation of the CCMBC Member Representative:

The Multiply Bylaws and the Legacy Bylaws have been written to comply with the Canadian Not-for-Profit Corporation Act (CNCA). These bylaws state that a single individual will be selected by the CCMBC Executive Board to be the CCMBC Member Representative who will vote on behalf of the Canadian Conference of MB Churches.

The CCMBC Member Representative will vote on three motions at the Legacy Annual General Meeting:

  • To approve the Consolidated Legacy Audited Statements,
  • To appoint the CCMBC Investments auditor, and
  • To appoint the Legacy auditor.

The motions presented give the CCMBC Member Representative clear instructions on how to vote on each of the motions. By following this procedure, the CCMBC Executive Board is ensuring that related organizations are being accountable to the MB churches in Canada.

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